Cheap Health Insurance Options

Health insurance prices are constantly on the rise. There are many people even those who live in exclusive neighborhoods such as Beverly Hills, California who feel their health insurance is too much. There is another segment of the population who believe they do not need health insurance because they are healthy and have never had any major medical problems. This kind of thinking gives them a false sense of security because in actuality you do need health insurance. For residents of Beverly Hills there are countless affordable health insurance options for yourself or your family. s health insurance is security against the countless types of health problems that could occur in the future. As an individual you have no way of knowing what those might be, so it is always best to be prepared.The first place to look at affordable health insurance is with your state Medicaid. Every state has a Medicaid program that is there to help the residents. You could apply and see if you could qualify for this type of health insurance. What one would have to do is take a trip to the local division of Family Services in your city and fill out the application form. The requirements vary form state to state, however there is a possibility you could qualify for this service. Filling out the short application is a quick process and it essentially asks questions about your finances. This program covers a wide array of health insurance needs for your entire family. This includes dental work, doctor visits, eye care, emergency care, prescriptions and more. If you have children and your job does not offer health insurance for children this is a very good option for you to check out. The service is free and it is a good option for those who do not have health insurance.
Another option for cheap health insurance is to look on the Internet.Sites such as Gulf Breeze Insurance and Beverly Hills Health Insurance offer services that allow visitors to find companies that offer all types health insurance plans. Take some time and look around the internet and you could find the insurance plan that is a perfect for you and your family. The costs for health insurance vary, so it is always good to do methodical research before choosing one plan over another. It is always a good idea to identify how long a specific company has been in business and the reputation they have around town. It is always good to ask for a quote on health insurance from several sources, as you are always looking for the best deal possible. You should also check to see if the companies that are offering health insurance are licensed to practice in the prospective state. It makes no sense in getting insurance from a company that has no license to operate in your state.One of the best options is to directly ask your local insurance agencies about health insurance. They will be able to ask around town and find out what agencies or agents currently offer a specific health insurance plan. Many agents will work very hard to get you an affordable health insurance plan for your family at a cost you can live with. Even if you can’t get every type of coverage you want, some is better than none.

What to Do if You Don’t Have Health Insurance – You Might Not Beat the Odds

Have you been working hard and paying your bills on time your whole life? Saving your money and trying to get ahead, looking forward to retiring some day? You read in the paper and hear on the news about so many people that are uninsured. Uninsured, and don’t have health insurance because they can’t afford it. Are you one of the uninsured people like I am? Are you worried about having a health care emergency and not knowing how you would pay your medical bills? You know you really can’t switch jobs. You feel you’re getting too old or under skilled to be hired by anyone else. You might even be self-employed too. You know you can’t or don’t want to learn a new skill to get a new job at a bigger company that has group health insurance. Your present employer really can’t afford health insurance for his employees and you don’t see that changing where you work.You have gotten by this long without health insurance and you know that you should do something about it. But health insurance is expensive and getting health insurance is a good idea and something you have always been planning to do. But, we just keep putting it off, until it is too late. So what is a man with a family, or a single person do if you barely can find the money to pay for the necessities, like the rent, or a mortgage, the higher price of gas and food, much less expensive health insurance?Do you think you can beat the odds? For men it is one in three, for women one in five that you will have a major health care emergency hospitalization and incur medical bills for surgery, hospital stay, outpatient medical care, therapy and prescription drugs. Do you worry and lay awake at night, wondering how you would pay for emergency care, if you needed it?Ever wonder what you will do if the worst happens and you had to go to the hospital without health insurance? In a word. Bankruptcy. The retirement you worked your whole life for and dreamed about… the retirement you always envisioned is gone…taken away from you in an instant. And by a calamity you have tried to avoid. A calamity that broad sided you, and you had no warning and you never knew what hit you.Imagine this scenario. You are 55, been in great shape your whole life, you work hard and live right, don’t smoke, eat healthy foods, watch your weight and have been taking care of yourself the best way you know how. But lately you have been getting a little short of breath. You shake your head and say “it’s just getting old” and keep right on working on the house, the car, the lawn, the crops or a new project you just have to get done. While working, all of a sudden you feel really short of breath. You stop, sit down and can’t breathe. You look down and your arm is feeling funny and tingly. All of a sudden you feel a shooting pain running up your arm into your shoulder, “ah…just overdoing it again” you say to yourself. I’ll just rest a spell and it will go away. But this time the pain does not go away like other times. You feel the numbness and worse, a stabbing pain goes into your shoulder. Quickly the pain intensifies and travels deeper and is shooting across your chest, a crushing pain and now you are really scared. “Wonder if this is a heart attack?” You know you waited too long and it’s too late…This time it’s for real. You are in the middle of a heart attack.You are desperate and in stabbing pain. You know calling 911 might save you…if you can get to a phone. You call for your wife and she is inside the house and does not hear you. You try to get up and feel faint and you have no strength and your legs just can’t move. You holler louder, it hurts so bad and she hears you this time. She rushes to your side and you are so short of breath you can’t talk, the pain is too great. You point to your chest and she can see by the look on your face you are suffering and in great pain and something is terribly wrong. She runs to call 911, frantic about you and tells the ambulance to come right away and she thinks you are having a heart attack. She runs back to your side and you both are terribly scared and all you can do is wait.The bad news has just begun…When the ambulance arrives, you find out the very worst has happened. You really are having a heart attack…they rush you away to the hospital, taking your vitals and giving you the drugs to save your life. Expensive surgery follows with angioplasty to open up your blocked arteries in your heart, and you get a stint to keep the worst blocked artery open. The doctors say that you should make a good recovery with adequate care, rest and therapy. You will have to take heart medications and high blood pressure drugs the rest of your life. Already the worry has started, and you think to yourself. “how am I going to pay for this”? The deep financial worry never leaves you. You have heard stories of financial disasters happening to good people with no insurance, Tragic consequences happening to people getting hit with huge medical bills for surgeries in the tens of thousands of dollars. You lost…you did not beat the odds.Now what can you do? Your retirement dream is gone, now you will have to work the rest of your life to pay your medical bills off. The story, I shared is real, this medical tragedy happened to my brother, a farmer, a hard worker, a self-employed bulldozer operator in the prime of his life. No health insurance and he now faces a $45,000 medical bill he can’t pay. Not unless he wants to sell the beautiful log cabin home he built with his own hands and the farm he worked his whole life for. He is worried sick and tied to heart drugs for the rest of his life. Heart drugs and a stint that make him feel even more sick. He has decided to sell part of his land to pay the hospital and clinic bills. He hates to do this, but has no choice.He tried to pay the hospital and clinic with agreed upon payments of a $1,000 a month each, paying every penny he could, but that was not fast enough or good enough. The hospital and the clinic still turned his account over to the collection agencies even though he was paying over $2,000.00 a month. He is an honest man who worked hard his whole life and did not deserve this. He can barely afford the heart drugs and makes just enough money so he does not qualify for state-assisted health care or prescription drug benefits.One more thing is important…That is not the only calamity. He is not eligible for any type of health insurance for his heart, even if he could afford to pay $850.00 a month for health insurance coverage, plus his monthly medical bill payment to the collection agency. Why? Because now, he is uninsurable. In order to be covered under health insurance for his heart, he would have to not have any hospital care or treatment related to his pre-existing condition for seven years to quality for having that heart condition covered under any health insurance policy. For my brother, he will have to work harder than ever to pay this debt off, just when he should be taking it easier and not working so hard to prevent yet another heart attack. There will be no retirement for him, he is 59 and that is a terribly hard price to pay.What does this mean for you? Don’t wait, don’t let a major health problem ruin your chances of retirement. Health care coverage can be purchased and can be budgeted for. If my brother knew what was going to happen, he would have budgeted the money for a health insurance policy. He could have spared a couple thousand a year for an inexpensive health care policy with a high deductible. This would have cut the medical bills he received by a significant amount, and he still would have health insurance to cover him in the future. When you’re lying in bed at night, think of the people you know that have had their lives turned up side down by a health calamity, lost their jobs, their homes, all their savings and their cherished retirement. This is too big a price to pay. Take care of yourself, and your family. Protect your retirement dream. Getting an online insurance quote, is easy, and safe and can help you take a step in the right direction. Help remove most of the worry, about “what if a medical emergency occurred to you or a loved one”. Would you be covered? Let’s hope the answer is “Yes.”When I got laid off from a great job due to a large corporate company downsizing, at the age of 50, I lost my group health insurance. I went on the Internet and found the online insurance quote websites a real help. The easy to fill in forms “just fill in your zip code” got me started with my online quote. The websites were easy to use, and I enjoyed getting free insurance quotes. The websites connected me with top insurance agents who helped me figure out how to compare the quotes. The agents were friendly, easy to talk to, and I got a policy to protect me at a cost I could afford. Please click on the link above and get some health insurance that will protect you and your loved ones. Just knowing something really can happen and taking the right steps to protect yourself can help remove some of the worry. Don’t try to beat the odds, you may not win. Don’t let a small financial burden become an impossible one. Do it for yourself, do it now before it is too late.

What You Should Know About Teaching Special Education

Special Education for me is a challenging vocation for it caters to individuals with disabilities. Through this type of education, students with disabilities are educated effectively.I read a line from an article years ago that states: “It is said that a society can be judged by the way it treats those who are different.”In a democratic society it is believed that every individual is valuable in his own right and should be afforded equal opportunities to develop his potentials. The provision of special education will empower families to build future for their children, normal and special alike.It was said that “teaching” is what special education is most about.The role of the Special Education (SPED) teacher is very crucial. The SPED teacher has the responsibility not only to teach the regular classroom stuff like reading, writing, math etc, but also Activities of Daily Living and peer socialization.An important part of a special education teacher’s job is the early identification of a child with special needs, intervention is vital in educating children with special needs because as time goes on children who are not coping or who struggle in the general curriculum can be negatively affected.A SPED educator’s job is also challenging. Special education teachers work with children and youths who have a variety of disabilities. I also find this vocation fulfilling, for, it provides the opportunity to establish meaningful relationships with special kids.Although helping these students can be highly rewarding, the work also can be emotionally and physically draining. SPED teachers work under the threat of litigation against the school or district by parents if correct procedures are not followed or if they feel that their child is not receiving an adequate education.A SPED educator should be well-guarded by the laws. Understanding and practicing the laws will ensure a safe and legal environment for both the special child and SPED teacher.A special educator’s battlecry should be “commitment”. Commitment spells equitable and excellent classroom. Without commitment to the chosen vocation, one won’t be able to do his/ her job well.But, teachers cannot do it alone. Teaching is a collaborative effort between the educator, student, parents/ family and the community. SPED educators, should express desire to be the parents’ partner in the development of the special child.As teachers, trying to reach out beyond the school to promote trust and understanding, and build partnerships with all segments of the school community is significant. Being active in associations/ causes supporting the special child/ special education can be a good start.I would like to quote Robert Pasternack, Ph.D., Assistant Secretary Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services,U.S. Department of Education. He said:”Some of the kids that are in special education are not, in fact, kids with disabilities. They are, in fact, instructional casualties. They are, in fact, kids who haven’t been taught successfully using scientifically validated instructional approaches and research validated curricula in the general education system and general education settings.”With that, I have the following implications to education of children with special needs:
States will put a premium on Reading — to deliver scientifically validated and scientifically based reading research, validated curricula and instructional strategies in classrooms.
Continuous and more additional trainings for teachers. If professional development will be given to teachers, if it’s sustained, if it’s systematic, if it’s embedded in what teachers do, then, in fact, we can go ahead and improve the capacity of teachers to address the learning needs of the heterogeneous groups of kids that they have in front of them on a daily basis.